Information design addresses high level information challenges to define, plan, and shape the contents of a message and the environment it is presented in—providing clear and efficient communications that deliver the greatest possible degree of understanding.

In a world of increasingly complex message and meaning, we see the need for communication that is immediately relevant, precise, and memorable. We view information design as a critical discipline that encompasses all of our consulting services, and we strive to integrate our tactical design experience with the expertise of our clients and strategic partners to create exceptional information, interfaces, and communications.

We work with our clients in the design of information to provide:

  • Ideas and insight about how to leverage human perception to aid in understanding concepts and relationships
  • Models, sketches and prototypes to guide implementations that are easy for audiences to use and understand
  • Practical techniques for managing and balancing attention in order to support communication effectiveness
  • A systematic approach that facilitates integration of our work within client business and technology frameworks