Made By Hand

Posted on Nov 7, 2011 in Craft, Curated
Made By Hand

A project from the Bureau of Common Goods, each film in this series “aims to promote that which is made locally, sustainably, and with love for craft.” Based in Brooklyn, the project takes its influence from the handmade movement here and elsewhere.

We’re watching these gems again, and waiting impatiently for each new release in the series. In The Knife Maker, Joel Bukiewicz of Cut Brooklyn fills his need to make creative offerings and discovers the gift of the exquisite blade. On becoming an artist,

It takes buckets of blood and sweat and effin work to get there, that’s it. To get good. To get competent. Once you become competent, maybe you have it in you to become an artist. Maybe you don’t.

We’re inspired by these people and the stories they tell. Authentically.

More from Joel at Do Lectures. “The next knife I’m gonna make is gonna be the best knife I’m gonna make.”