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Measured Progress approached us with an opportunity to envision a next generation reporting solution for the iPad. Their requirements were straightforward, “design a proof of concept that will motivate discussion and inspire creative thinking about the potential for engaging, interactive reports and informative data visualization.”

Working with their sample data and an inventory of existing reports, we designed the initial proof of concept and released it to the executive team for preliminary review. Discussions were motivated, creative thinking ensued, and we were asked to explore additional objectives in a second phase of the project.

In phase two, we worked closely with the Measured Progress Research and Analysis team to invest the application with additional contextual information about Psychometric theory and the practice of designing instruments that measure student achievement.

We look forward to future iterations and the opportunity to collaborate with Measured Progress as they continue to lead their industry with innovative solutions that support student learning.

Project Team

Measured Progress : Information Technology, Research and Analysis
Interaction design and app development: Overcommitted
Information design: Informativity

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