The Inheritance Collection

Posted on Feb 22, 2012 in Craft, Curated
The Inheritance Collection

“Locally made and thoughtfully crafted.” This is the story behind Stephen Kenn’s first line of furniture as told by Process Creative, and we’re equally inspired by content and delivery.

The Inheritance Collection is made of repurposed military fabric, “paying homage to the brave individuals who fought for our freedom.” Steeped in beautiful camera work, staged with exceptional editing, and enveloped in a mesmerizing sound track, Stephen’s story is definitely one we want to believe in.

Process Creative describes their service as, “Telling Stories That Matter.”

More than anything else, consumers want to connect with brands who are transparent and honest. We pursue story and truth in every project we work on. Whether it’s a campaign spot, product piece, or short-form Web film, our passion is to depict the who and why behind a brand or product and convey a truth that people can follow.

Watch the Inheritance Collection video. Visit Process Creative. Spend time with this story, it’s worth the investment. Honest.