KnowledgeSource is a strategic design consultancy. We design products, services, and interactive experiences that inform, inspire, and support the people who use them.

We discover opportunities for design innovation through applied research, careful observation, creative intuition, and relentless curiosity about how people think, act, play, communicate, and get things done. We’re committed to designing useful, beautiful, and memorable interactions for products and services that people want and need. We believe innovation requires change and we work with our clients in a customer centered design process to envision transformations that pave the way to sustainable competitive advantage and business growth.

customer centered design process

Our Process

Customer centered design starts with discovery in research and requirements. We focus our research on the people who will use a product or service, and we define requirements to balance their needs and goals with the objectives and realities of the business environment.

Discovery is followed by ideation and project strategy where concepts are envisioned to address specific interaction challenges, and to reveal opportunities for breakthrough innovation. Iteration and analysis are key factors in our design process and we employ a systematic approach that reinforces user empathy and further clarifies the requirements for sustainable commercial viability.

Our process concludes with implementation and interaction design, where strategies are invested with the tactile qualities of visual design and brand integration, and further tested through interactive prototyping and usability analysis.